Engine Rebuilding in Columbus

engine rebuildsFor basic and advanced engine work that’ll keep your car chugging along smoothly, choose Klotz CO Auto. We love getting our hands on engines from all makes and models, to deliver precision services that offer real results for your vehicle.

Whether it’s a problem with engine surging or an issue with stalling, or just something that needs adjusting, like timing, count on us for engine services in any capacity.

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Full Engine Rebuilds

engine repair
Engine rebuilding is a specialty at our shop and we’re fully-equipped to remove, disassemble, troubleshoot, reassemble and replace your engine—no matter its specifications.

We can help you deal with a host of debilitating issues to restore your engine’s function. All of our engine rebuilding in Columbus, OH is done in-house and with the utmost emphasis on quality. Our ASE Certified techs are the one to trust when your engine demands best-in-class services.

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Tune-Up Services

engine rebuilds
Sometimes all your engine needs is a quick tune-up to restore its efficiency and reliability. Count on us for a comprehensive auto tune up in Columbus, OH that covers all of the essentials, including spark plugs, belts and hoses, injector cleaning, inspections and more.

Our goal is to resolve minor engine issues and make sure you’re getting optimal performance out of your car, including the best possible fuel economy.

Engine Diagnostics

Is there a “check engine” light on your dash that’s shining brightly? Are you hearing noises or feeling surging when your vehicle is running? Engine problems can be hard to pinpoint without professional diagnostics. Klotz CO Auto is here to provide them. We diagnose problems with precision and accuracy, providing our customers with reliable repairs that get you back on the road with full confidence in your engine.

Contact us today at (614) 662-4446 to inquire about our engine services or to schedule a service appointment for diagnostics or a tune-up.

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